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Perfumes are the feelings of flowers… The flowers, in musing modesty, await the mantling eventide ere they give themselves up wholly to feeling, and breathe forth their sweetest odours…— The Hartz Journey, by Heinrich Heine.Artwork by Annie Stegg.

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here’s some burning sage to cleanse ur blog of bad energies 

by Vincent Farone.

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Old Mother Redcap’s “Curse My Bleeding Heart” spell


This spell is designed for the heartbroken, for the angry and for saddened.
Do you have a heart that’s been trampled on, taken for granted or have just been treated unkindly? Then this spell is for you. Make them feel what you have felt, making them see the error in their ways.

Items needed:
● A fresh animal heart (a pig, sheep or cows heart will do just fine)
● Thick cardboard and pencil
● Lighter or matches
● Heatproof dish or container

Take your fresh heart and place it in the heat proof container.
Take your cardboard and draw out hunting arrows, however many you feel necessary. You may wish to make enough for a “blow by blow” of your experiences, but I find three enough.
Cut out your arrows. You may wish to fancy them up, but it’s not necessary.

Gather your fresh heart and arrows. Focus on the pain you’ve felt. Feel it right in your heart and ache. Stab the heart with your arrows, visualizing the pain being transferred to your target. Make the arrows stick into the heart.
Repeat with the rest of the arrows.

Light the arrows on fire and watch them burn. Watch the blood spill out of the heart, keeping your focus purely on your target.

After the arrows have burnt out completely, take your heart and bury it as close to the target at possible.

(If you wish not to use animal hearts, another method would be making the heart out of jelly, in a jelly heart mould).

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